Reasons Why Rats Are Smart And Difficult Animals

The ability of mice to enter the house through holes or fissures as small as 1 cm, makes many people think that mice have a body consisting of soft bones. To get rid of mice from the place of residence, you must use the services of reputable companies that already have credibility such as Cayce Exterminating Company.


The body shape of a mouse that is long and tends to be shaped like a cylinder is the main reason why rats can enter your home easily. Flexible mouse bodies make it easy for them to do things such as running in tunnels and through narrow spaces, jumping, climbing to slip into the smallest gap.

Rats breed quickly
Of course, it’s no longer a secret that mice can breed quickly. A female mouse generally contains 6-8 times during the year with a relatively short pregnancy period between 21-24 days.

Generally, female mice are able to give birth to 12 or more puppies, although in many cases female mice often give birth to 5-10 pups.

One reason why mice can breed quickly is the ability of mice to reach sexual maturity in a relatively short amount of time – male mice (10-12 weeks) and female mice (8-9 weeks).

This means that a rat population can swell rapidly from only two rats to around 1,250 in one year. In fact, a pair of mice can produce about 2,000 cubs a year if left unchecked.

Rats have a very good memory
Rats are animals that have very bad eyesight. What they see will look blurry, especially when the object they see is a few meters away.

Even so, who would have thought if a rat is a smart animal that is equipped with a very good memory? Through this special memory, mice easily remember and squeeze the room and all the routes they have taken for a long time.

Uniquely, mice are also known to be able to remember human faces and recognize people they have seen before. This makes them more alert when they have to deal with humans when trying to catch them.

The main benefit of using pest control services for your business is the speed of the detection process for the presence of pests and the accuracy of handling through the right methods and tools so that the results achieved can be much more leverage.

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